PPI Claims


PPI Claims

The banking industry and the consumers who have bought loan or credit card in the past ten years are only looking at one term that is trending in UK now. That is PPI reclaim or PPI Claims. The one scandal that rocked the country in recent times has now drawn to a favorable conclusion for consumers, thanks to the intervention of the court and ordering the banks or sellers to reimburse the money for all the victims along with interest.

The real challenge both for banks and the consumers starts now. The head ache of the bank is to write and get in touch with thousands of customers who had bought a credit card or loan in last ten years and verify that they really did not buy PPI out of compulsion. The consumers should now check the paper work and start applying for the reclaim. However the percentage of the reclaims submitted by the consumers is huge and those meeting with a really low compensation or rejected straight away is very large to be accounted for.

If you are reading this now there is a possibility that you are eligible for reclaim. There are few points to be noted before you go to the reclaim. You have to make sure that

  • The seller did not make you aware of all the pros and cons of payment protection insurance.
  • They knew that you were unemployed or in the verge of unemployment.
  • They knew that you were self employed.
  • That they know you are in public service.
  • That they know you are in the verge of retirement.
  • That they know you have a pre existing medical condition.
  • That they didn’t tell you that the payment protection insurance is optional and not mandatory to avail your loan.
  • That they know you will pay the loan longer than the insurance period.

There are numerous others events and possibilities where you could have been must sold PPI claims where you never really wanted or maybe you were not explained the real benefits because if you know you would not have gone for it for sure.

Now it’s time to reclaim your mis-sold policy monies from your lenders, average claim amount which is determined as average money that a consumer would be getting against a PPI Claim as per the court. If you fall in any of the categories listed above its time for you to act fast and call us.

We, PPI Claim Today are experts in reclaiming PPIs from various sellers and banks. We almost face people daily and help them reclaim their money swift and hassle free without any delay and minimal rejection. We don’t charge you for a consultation or any upfront fees for that matter. We, PPI Claim Today first get into business of getting your money back to you and interest. It is a no win no fee basis wherein you pay us if we win the case for you. If you want to enquire more details about how you can reclaim you’re PPI or if you already applied for PPI reclaim and got rejected contact us to know how we can serve you.


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